Flexible Mortgage Approvals.

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LoanOwl loans money!

LoanOwl loans money to B.C. home owners!

Approval is based off of the equity in your home:

Employment, income and credit rating are of little concern!

Find out how much you can borrow, use our   Loan Calculator.

Reasons for borrowing:
Loanowl will pay off your credit card at a reduced interest rate!

Credit Card Debt Consolidation

LoanOwl will pay off your credit card debt and save you tons of money by reducing your interest payments by up to 45% annually!

Get a great rate on a small business loan!

Small Business Loan

Looking to expand, upgrade or buy inventory? A small business short-term loan might be the answer! Our approval process is way simpler than the bank's.

Increase your property value with a home renovation loan!

Renovation Loan

Need a new kitchen, bathroom or renovation project to increase your property value or quality of life? Let LoanOwl see your project through to completion!

There are no restrictions or limitations on what you can do with your loan!

From financing a vacation, a wedding, or paying for unexpected medical or dental work: if you own your home, we will loan you money!

Call us 24/7: +1(844)LOAN-OWL

Or if you'd prefer to call us: +1(844)LOAN-OWL

We won't drown you in paperwork ...

Our process is simple:

Complete our 2 minute online application or connect with us via phone or email. We can typically approve a loan within 48 business hours.

Complete our 2 minute loan application!

Or if you'd prefer to call us: +1(844)LOAN-OWL

A different approach to loaning money...

We're not your typical scary bankers:

We're a small group of neighbourhood lenders genuinely interested in developing relationships and connecting people with loans.

Key Leadership:
LoanOwl: Brian MacDonald

Brian MacDonald

As founder, Brian oversees the strategic direction of LoanOwl, as well as the finance, legal, and business intelligence functions. He's often described as approachable and friendly. When he's not working, you might find him walking his dogs in the commercial drive area.

LoanOwl: Iewen


Iewen leads LoanOwl's customer experience operations. Her background in finance, insurance and customer experience gives her a unique perspective and inspired LoanOwl's unequalled approach to customer service.